SmartPhoto™ realiseert een volledig en gepersonaliseerd beeld van zijn klanten








smartphoto™, previously known as ExtraFilm, is the European market leader in digital photo services with a strong online offering that allows consumers to upload their pictures from their computer or sites such as Flickr and Picasa, have them printed and delivered at home.

The company, a subsidiary of Spector photo group, provides several printing options including high-quality photographic paper, posters, albums, mugs, mouse pads, wall decoration, puzzles and more. 

As a pure e-commerce player with a presence in 13 countries, smartphoto™ aims to distinguish itself from its competitors with various customization options while focusing on usability, ease-of-use and accessibility.

Kristel De Blezer, eCom Manager of smartphoto™, and Pieter Jan Jacobs, CRM Campaign Manager, explain their marketing goals and challenges and how Selligent Interactive Marketing responds to them.

Gaining a single customer view to increase conversion

The digital photo service provider aims at gaining a single view on its customers in order to optimize customer interactions and conversion, make its messages more relevant and move beyond traditional mass communications, adding a strong behavioral component.

smartphoto™ started using Selligent Interactive Marketing primarily for email marketing. However, by combining data on customer behavior and metrics regarding touch points with existing customers, the company can now use a single solution to understand the needs of its' customers, improve customer experience, communicate better and even offer new products.

Pieter Jan Jacobs: "To achieve this, historical behavior, click behavior and website engagement of customers are taken into account. This turns Selligent Interactive Marketing into a digital customer interaction dashboard whereby the solution is used as a CRM platform connected with the main customer database."

Kristel De Blezer adds: "By tracking behavior across all possible channels and interactions, predominantly the website and communication channels, smartphoto™ achieves a single view."

A relevant email marketing strategy through segmentation and a personal approach

"The email marketing strategy of smartphoto™ is entirely taken care of by Selligent Interactive Marketing, whereby lists of active customers (cross-selling, up-selling), 'old' customers (reactivation) and prospects (acquisition) are used. We want to avoid too much communication and use the Selligent clash management and flow features in order to prevent marketing fatigue and focus on valuable interactions, an issue smartphoto™ sees gaining importance," continues Kristel De Blezer.

  • Transactional emails and customer satisfaction
    Each time an order is placed on the smartphoto™ website, customers get confirmation emails. However, the company also uses scenarios to send automated mailings, asking for customer satisfaction to further improve its activities.
  • Acquisition campaigns
    smartphoto™ regularly develops competitions and campaigns to gain new contacts and identify potential future customers. These are often organized with partners, whereby components of Selligent Interactive Marketing are used to integrate data for follow-up mailings, according to a carefully balanced strategy.
  • Promotional emails
    Using promotional emails the company reactivates old customers, follows up on prospects and sends segmented and personalized mailings to existing customers.

The email marketing strategy of smartphoto™ is conducted by the national marketing teams since they know their markets best. This leads to segmentation and personalization strategies, revolving around scenarios, specific market phenomena (for instance, in some countries people tend to order Christmas cards very early) and specific events (that differ per country). Some of the resulting campaigns are automated (scenarios) while others happen on a more personal basis.

The challenge of a ‘centralized decentralized’ strategy

Despite this local approach, smartphoto™ chose Selligent Interactive Marketing for a centralized control of the application. The national teams of smartphoto™ used to work with different third party email providers, paying per number of emails sent.

"Selligent Interactive Marketing allowed smartphoto™ to centrally manage the system and share best practices across all countries, while enabling all local teams to conduct their own marketing strategy and execute their own campaigns", says Kristel De Blezer. "That is one of the reasons why the dashboard function of Selligent Interactive Marketing is so important, she adds. Technically it allows leverage for the thirteen countries where smartphoto™ is active and it enables the company to gain best practices."

"As the database grows, the advantages of the pricing model of Selligent Interactive Marketing - that differs from that of ESPs since it's not based on a 'per mail sent' approach - has a positive impact as well," adds De Blezer.

Her conclusion "The possibilities Selligent Interactive Marketing offered to achieve this 'centralized decentralized strategy', along with the strong focus on marketing, behavioral data and integration, were the main reasons why smartphoto™ chose Selligent Interactive Marketing."

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