Thumbnail image of the cover of a Selligent Case Study titled "Hunkemöller: Using the Power of AI to Increase Email Efficiency & Revenue"

Hunkemöller: Using the Power of AI to Increase Email Efficiency & Revenue

Hunkemöller, Europe’s leading lingerie brand needed to offset a decrease in conversions and revenue, which they attributed to "marketing fatigue" (too many emails), lack of targeted messaging, and inability to reach customers at their preferred times. Email open rate were also dropping over the years, and A/B testing was not achieving the expected results.

In this insightful case study, you’ll learn how Hunkemöller worked with agency partner Clever Strategy and used Selligent’s AI-powered platform to:

  • Build customer profiles & improve targeting, using all available website data
  • Boost engagement & reduce marketing fatigue by sending fewer, more targeted emails at optimal times
  • Generate higher open rates & online conversions
  • Increase online revenue & revenue per email sent
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