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As a company, we believe that moments of interaction with consumers are precious. As a result, we’ve built an intelligent marketing platform that leverages the power of data and AI to help brands make the most of all of their “marketing moments,” seamlessly and across channels.

Selligent Marketing Cloud is designed for ambitious B2C marketers; those who think differently, challenge the status quo, and strive to achieve relevance and exceed expectations. We’ll help you understand consumers, personalize their experience, and engage them across channels and devices, to maximize every moment.

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Here are 4 key reasons why over 700 leading global brands choose to work with Selligent

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Quick Results: We Speed Time to Value

You’ll see results quickly with Selligent. Our platform empowers marketers and drives ROI faster through:

  • Rapid onboarding: It only takes weeks to be up and running, thanks to our integration experience, focused methodology and dedication to client success.
  • Efficiency: Our platform saves you time and money with customizable templates, a central content library, robust testing tools, intuitive drag and drop and more, designed to move you quickly from tactical execution to strategic optimization.
  • Automated intelligence: We make personalization at scale possible for marketers, with sophisticated AI-driven machine learning that’s easy to execute.
  • True omnichannel marketing: Our platform breaks down silos and enables you to make every customer experience relevant and consistent across all channels, by referencing the same data profile.

Customer Success Story Vacanceselect

Customer Story: Vacanceselect Cover Image

Read how a travel and hospitality leader unified all customer data capture systems within 5 weeks of Selligent installation... & quickly achieved a 7% improvement in email deliverability, 10% increase in direct conversions & 20% increase in direct income

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Our Platform is Smart & Scalable

From data capture to customer engagement, reporting and security, Selligent is an intelligent, comprehensive platform that’s strategically designed and built with capabilities to support your entire marketing spectrum.

  • Purpose-built for customer engagement: Our solution is natively built, unlike many of our competitors, who loosely stitch together a number of different acquired solutions.
  • Personalization at scale: Powerful AI-driven recommendations, targeting and send-time optimization, real live-time content, behavioral retargeting – these are all core to our platform and easily managed, for true one-to-one marketing.
  • Open & extensible: Our platform allows for seamless integration with any other solution you have in your stack, via a rich API, so you’ll never be slowed down by our architecture.
  • Security prioritized: Data protection is part of our DNA at Selligent – we strive for the highest standards in personal data privacy and security, helping our clients to store their data and comply with all necessary regulations.

Customer Success Story Camper

Customer Story: Camper Cover Image

Fashion retailer Camper used our intelligent platform to combine web browse data with purchase history, to create more personalized email recommendations – resulting in a 36% increase in conversions and a 20% spike in average basket value. Read how they did it.

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We’re a True Partner

With Selligent, you’re never left on your own to figure things out. Our team is highly accessible and dedicated to your success. We work closely with our clients, assigning a designated Customer Success Manager and technical support team to every one of our clients, ready to assist with any questions, help, or guidance you need.

  • People-powered technology: We believe in a human approach to support, to help our clients gain proficiency and profitability faster.
  • Vast partner network: We have over 150 Selligent-certified partners (agency, consultancy, and technology), so we can match you to the right resource for customized strategic support.
  • Reliable experience: While we operate with a start-up mentality, we’re not the new kids on the block. We’ve been in business for three decades, with a proven track record of working with leading global brands across every vertical – and we’re eager to share that experience back with our clients through best-practice guidance.

Customer Success Story Opel

Customer Story: Opel Cover Image

Read how leading European auto manufacturer Opel worked with a Selligent agency partner to develop a data-driven, hyper-targeted marketing strategy to capture new email contact data and boost digital conversions. When the program was executed through our platform, Opel boosted database growth by 30% in only 6 months and saw a 473% improvement in identified profiles.

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We Power Holistic Customer Experiences

Selligent enables marketers to increase customer lifetime value and retention rates by helping drive highly personalized and consistent omnichannel customer experiences.

  • One connected consumer: Our Universal Consumer Profile powers an immediate and full 360° view of every customer, so you can connect their journey, recognizing them wherever they interact with your brand, and helping them to relevant content, offers and information they want in the moment.
  • Responsive automation: Every click, call, and contact tells you something new and valuable about your customer. Our platform harvests those insights to dynamically serve up real-time, relevant messaging for personalized experiences with every interaction.
  • Connect to care: Our open architecture easily connects your contact center with marketing, using customer data to empower agents to be more personal, capture more useful information, and drive revenue.
  • Marketers matter: As much as we strive to help you deliver exceptional experiences to every one of your customers, we are equally committed to providing the highest level of service to you as a marketer. That’s why our interface is intuitive, our technology is focused on your outcomes, and our teams are 100% customer-centric.

Customer Success Story Coolblue

Customer Story: Coolblue Cover Image

A leading European ecommerce retailer needed to improve customer satisfaction while controlling increasing costs from high-touch service and rising product returns. Working with Selligent, they developed and executed a customized, post-purchase "product tips" campaign that successfully decreased return rates by as much as 30 percent and contact rates for featured products by 90 percent. Read how they did it.

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