Support Offerings

Standard Support includes the following:

  • 4 named support contacts
  • 24/7/365 support portal and knowledge base access
  • 24/7/365 support for Business Critical or High priority incidents
  • Web and phone support available during business hours [to be added]
  • Cases are worked through a queue by a team of customer support engineers
  • Incoming call telephone support provided by the responding customer support engineer
  • Functional support:
    • Confirm expected behavior
    • Confirm whether a use case is possible
    • Sharing resources to explain the appropriate technique or best practice needed accomplish the goal

For additional charge, Select Support includes the following:

  • Incoming call telephone support provided by the responding
  • customer support engineer6 named support contacts
  • 24/7/365 support portal and knowledge base access
  • 24/7/365 support for Business Critical or High priority incidents
  • Web and phone support available during business hours [to be added]
  • Ability to schedule ad hoc zoom calls with dedicated Select Support Engineer
  • Dedicated Select Support Engineer:
    • Advanced technical expert
    • Proven track record of solving challenging support cases
    • Understands your specific workflows and technical configurations
    • Learns about your business and strategy
    • Owns all support cases submitted leading to faster identification and resolution of any recurring themes and complex concerns
  • Support case reporting and analytics
  • Technical advice and hands on assistance for developing solutions
  • Reviewing flows before launch
  • Guidance on implementing complex use cases

Support Policy


  • Business Hoursare defined as 08.00-24.00h CET 7/7, 365/365.
  • Office Hoursare defined as 09.00-17.00h CET, excluding weekends and official Belgian holidays.
  • Resolution Time is the time between the moment the Selligent Support Team started to act on a posted (and – if applicable – activated) support ticket and the moment the problem is resolved, excluding the time the team has spent waiting for customer’s input.

In some cases the team will implement a temporary solution to restore operations in the short term and schedule other actions to fix the problem on a structural level. In such cases the Resolution Time ends after the implementation of the temporary solution.

Selligent Support

Support Requests

All requests for the Selligent Interactive Marketing Support Team should be created using the “create ticket” function on the support portal ( Customers receive credentials to log on to the customer support portal after the installation of their platform.

The default language used on the support system is English, but Dutch or French can also be used. The Selligent Support Team will answer tickets in the incoming language or English.

The support system can be used to report three types of Support Requests:

  • Defect Report: Reports a defect of existing functionality of the platform, decreased performance or availability issues.
  • Change Request: Requests a change in the platform configuration.
  • Information Request: Question on how to use the platform, best practices, general information.

The system supports four levels of priority. The priority level is initially assigned by the customer but can be re-evaluated by Selligent based on the content or the urgency of a request. The delivery of a temporary solution might decrease the priority level of a ticket.

  • Business Critical: A situation is causing significant damage or will do so in the very near future. The request needs utmost priority.
  • Urgent: A situation is important and needs to be handled with priority.
  • Normal: Basic Support Request, handled with normal priority.
  • Low: Support Requests that are not time critical and can be handled with a lower priority.

The table below gives an overview of the type of Support Requests and the accepted priorities:

Business Critical Urgent Normal Low
Defect Report





Change Request





Information Request





Business Critical and Urgent priorities are only available for Support Requests related to production platforms.

Available channels / Availability

The support portalis available 24/7, including week-ends and holidays:

  • During Office Hoursthe Selligent Support Team is in the office and support tickets are monitored as they come in.
  • Outside Office Hours a standby service is available so support tickets need to be activated using the hotline in order to start the Response Time. Response Time for tickets that are not activated start at the beginning of the next Belgian business day.

A hot line(+32 11 82 20 45) for Urgent or Business Critical Support Requests is available 24/7.

Service levels

The table below gives the Response and Resolution Times for the different priorities.

Response Time Resolution Time
Business Critical Phone activation (24/7): immediateSupport portal (Office Hours): 2 hours 8 hours
Urgent Phone activation (24/7): immediateSupport portal (Office Hours): 4 hours 2 days
Normal 2 days 2 weeks
Low 6 days 4 weeks

Objectives: The Support Team will do its utmost best to answer any request as soon as possible, nevertheless in some cases it is impossible to respect the Response / Resolution time listed above. The objective is to respect both timings in at least 80% of the cases.


Service levels are not applicable when due to:

  • factors outside Selligent’s reasonable control, force majeure;
  • inappropriate use of the platform by the customer;
  • external components or third party software that were installed on the request of the customer, even after they are validated by Selligent;
  • an external DOS attack;
  • actions in an explicit intent to create downtime (eg. during audit or performance assessment).

Escalation procedure

Any matter that cannot be resolved by the normal support procedure should be escalated by email to the Support Manager. In case this does not bring a satisfactory answer, the case should be escalated towards the Account Manager.