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The CMO Solution Guide: Context and Consumers

L.U.V. is all you need . . . for consumer engagement. That is, if you Limit non-relevant communication, Use data to understand consumers, and add Value to consumers’ lives. Selligent partnered with the CMO Club to ask 100+ CMOs about their approach to contextual marketing, and their responses are very revealing. Get your copy of the guide to learn about key findings from the survey, the L.U.V. approach, and more.

You will learn:

  • Types of data that marketers most commonly use to understand consumers
  • How marketers use location and device detection to target contextual messages
  • Critical marketing segments ignored by most marketers
  • Challenges associated with using contextual data

The CMO Solution Guide also features perspectives from five leading marketing executives in financial services, healthcare, travel, and retail, as well as a framework for improving customer relationship programs.

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