Digital Marketing and the New Concept of ‘Home’: Reaching Consumers in their Safe Space in the 'New Normal'

Since the coronavirus hit in early 2020, people have spent an unusual amount of time at home. Consequently, new consumer behavior patterns have emerged, presenting a fundamental shift in the way consumers work, shop, socialize, and interact with brands and companies. Existing digital marketing models have been disrupted, and marketers need to find new ways to engage, inspire, and serve sheltered consumers.

This white paper explores the paradigm shift that will affect consumer behavior for years to come and offers:

  • Proven strategies to deliver customer-first marketing in this new environment
  • Key insights on how to earn consumer trust (and permission) to get in the door and reach them at home with relevant marketing messages
  • How brands can connect to the emotional dimension of home as shelter

It’s a new normal that we operate in, but also a new era of opportunity for brands and companies that don’t shut the door, but stay connected to their consumers.

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