August 2021

Message Preview Supports Custom Events in Data Selections

Creating highly relevant emails with data driven personalisation is a powerful way to drive engagement. However, this can be challenging if it is not possible to preview exactly what the recipient will receive, before you hit the send button.

In the Watermelon release, you can now preview your email fully even when using Custom Event data to perform look ups in a repeater.

With this enhancement, you will be able to have full confidence in what your recipients will see when you send a highly personalised email.

Selligent Data Studio Improvements

With the release of Watermelon there are improvements to the Selligent Data Studio. This includes the availability of additional key data fields including age, gender and geographical location.

The updated version of Selligent Data Studio also allows you to share reports to individuals or groups, depending on the business units or stakeholders you need to keep up to date on the latest campaigns.

Additional Reporting Dashboards

There are two new standard dashboards available:

  • The Audience Overview, which allows you to see changes and trends in your subscriber population in a centralised location
  • The Summary of Revenue Conversions, which shows an overview of generated revenue, conversions and purchases across your journeys

Display Site Offers For Non Tracked Visitors

Marketers want to be able to interact with all visitors on their website, even those who have chosen to refuse cookies or requested not to be tracked. Previously this was not possible because Site required the setting of a cookie to generate offers.

The Watermelon release enables the ability to display Site Offers to all visitors, regardless of their privacy settings. This can be used to encourage visitors to voluntarily choose to accept cookies or make an account and enable marketers to display targeted Offers that will improve their experience on future visits.

Other Enhancements

Creating Messages from a Journey – The ability to create messages directly from the Journey canvas was introduced in the Vanilla Release. Now it is also possible to return to the Journey from which the message creation was initiated.

Cart Data Exposure in Tracking Call – Use an API call to access the latest content of a Cart defined in Site. To make this possible, we have added a new option to the Universe Configuration.

Email Graphics Editor (Early Access)

This is an early access feature and will need to be activated in your environment to use it.

The Email Graphics Editor allows you to design the look and feel of Smart Content for email messages. Use the design canvas to individually configure shapes, text and images. Once created, your Smart Content will be used by Cortex to recommend the best content to your consumers.