September 2019

Cadence Management Enhancements

Now when users are creating or editing a journey, they can add it into a cadence plan, through the advanced properties of the journey itself. Published Single Batch, Recurring Batch and Custom Journeys are supported. A simple toggle enables cadence, and then the user selects the appropriate plan from the drop-down list.

A question mark is now displayed in place of calculated numbers within a cadence plan where an action needs to be taken by the user. A tooltip provides them with guidance over the required actions to rectify the query.

Journey Enhancements

The “sending limit” and “deduplication” settings defined for a Journey have a direct impact on the number of messages sent and the contacts targeted. The dialog ‘Validate audience count’ – displayed when the journey is launched – now includes the sending limit and deduplicated records when calculating the numbers.

Top Component Enhancements

The Top Component now supports the ability to define a percentage of the targets to contact. The Top Component is available in Custom Journeys but also within Single Batch and Recurring Batch Journeys through their advance properties. In addition, the top x records can be selected randomly or be sorted Ascending or Descending, using a field in the Audience List.

Email Notifications

Within this release, users can within a Custom Journey define a static email address to which the personalized message content for the contact passing through the Journey is send to the email address. This enables support for Field Agents or Customer Services to directly follow up with contacts directly, as part of our Customer Care offering.

Pages Enhancements

Pages created in Selligent Marketing Cloud can also be displayed on the company website preserving the corporate branding using the Selligent content renderer. Inevitably over time corporate branding changes, but users do not have to update every page, just the content renderer file. A new option has been added to the Custom Journey properties to store the URL of the content renderer file to make this easier for the user to make the changes.

Tasks Enhancements

Several enhancements were made within this release to enable users to within a Batch Task, leverage both Tasks, Imports and Exports defined within Data Exchange to strong a sequence of steps together to perform a rich combination of actions. This for example, may mean they import the data into a List, then perform database operations (e.g. data engineering) via a Stored Procedure, then potentially also export the data for use in another third-party solution. This adds even more credibility to our robust data management capabilities.

List Enhancements

This release includes a number of enhancements for Lists. Firstly, when exporting data from shared lists with a filter, only the data complying with the List filter is exported. Secondly, now there are two top-level folders by default for Segments stored in folders, “Global” and “My Organization”. Users can create sub-folders as required but cannot store segments within the root directory. Lists or Segments are shared have to remain within the Global folder structure. Those within the My Organization folder structure are not visible across other organizations.

Segment Builder Enhancements

Within most platforms, the hardest thing to work with are dates, as they add complexity to programs such as Birthday or Anniversary or targeting people within a specific range of a particular date, such as a Subscription Expiry Date, for example. Within this release, we have added a date helper within the constraint editor, that enables the user to compare date-parts (e.g. Day, Month, Year, etc.) and a relative date (e.g. today, tomorrow or a fixed date) to support these use cases.

Library Enhancements

Within Selligent Marketing Cloud’s Library, users are able to access images and asset stored within the system. Performance improvements have been made when loading images, by using
CloudFlare as the default Content Delivery Network (CDN).

Custom Channel & Custom Component Enhancements

An enhancement was made in this release so that when using an expression in an Input of a Custom Component or Custom Channel, the type and length of the input is validated. Warnings are now provided whereby the type or length of the audience field using in the expression does not correspond, or the field does not exist.

Smart Content

Within Selligent Cortex, when exporting the Conversion Report associated with Smart Content, the Smart Content ID responsible for the conversion is included by default.