September 2018

Segment Builder Enhancements

Users can see waterfall counts while they are defining constraints in the segment builder. In addition, the user interface of the segment builder is completely revamped and allows to build audience segments in less clicks and with less dialogs. Marketer has the ability to search for any journey and message for building interaction constraints providing both a better user experience and no restrictions to top 100 journeys.

Importing Data

Support is now provided to setup recurring data imports from FTP or other predefined mediums without the need for a Stored Procedure to reduce onboarding time and keep true to our marketer-managed approach.

Site Enhancements

Now audiences in Selligent Marketing Cloud are available to Site and web behavioral data from Site is available to Selligent Marketing Cloud as well as support for targeting and re-targeting journeys.

Content Enhancements

Support is now provided for version control of content (email message, email template, page, SMS and mobile push) and also provides users with the ability to restore to previous versions of content. In addition, one innovation delivered was passing of styling-options for sg-image via attributes, and default values for different sg-component properties / languages. This means that users can now easily make changes to things such as background colors, etc.

Mobile Encryption

Support is now provided in Selligent Marketing Cloud for encryption of the payload of mobile push messages.