How Agencies Can Find Their MarTech Sweet Spot

How Agencies Can Find Their MarTech Sweet Spot

One of the toughest challenge’s agencies face is balancing personalisation with privacy, especially in the age of coronavirus.

Agencies are currently facing unparalleled challenges and face the task of responding quickly to new and changing circumstances, all while managing valuable customer experiences.

Are you a digital, creative, or marketing agency responsible for delivering relevant, personalised and successful strategies for B2C brand marketers? Are you looking for innovative solutions to help respond to today’s seemingly endless challenges of constantly evolving tech, product promotions, driving sales and making connections?

Watch this webinar to find out:

  • How to win the battle of balancing personalisation and privacy – to win trust, especially now in the age of coronavirus
  • If the technological landscape can really offer brands the chance to create relevant and contextual ‘micro-moments’ with consumers without coming across as intrusive
  • How to manage your customers’ expectations while navigating an enormously proliferated technology landscape