‘Unlimited’ Engagement with Interactive Emails

T-Mobile is Unlimited in everything they do.  With their ‘challenger mindset,’ T-mobile Netherlands breaks boundaries in the telecom world and gives NL  access to the best network. Working alongside their partner 100%EMAIL, they wanted to invigorate their on-going ‘Unlimited’ campaign to propel engagement and strengthen customer relationships with the brand.

To improve upon the previous year’s campaign, T-Mobile and 100%EMAIL needed to move beyond typical messaging touches. Customers want to be incentivized and rewarded for their participation, so brands need to offer real value at every touch to truly capture their audience.

T-Mobile aimed to enhance user experience and engagement with interactive emails that put the power in the customer’s hands. By leveraging Selligent Marketing Cloud, Site, social, and these interactive emails, T-Mobile successfully drove engagement by taking their email strategy to the next level. 

With differentiated paths, each customer was in control of their own email experience, allowing customers to be a participant instead of a recipient.

Watch now to learn how offering customers ways to engage beyond the transaction drives engagement and strengthens customer relationships in measurable ways.

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