Personalized Upsell Campaign Boosts Revenue & Customer Engagement

Sunweb Group is one of the leading travel groups in Europe and a vacation booking leader, with more than €600 million in annual turnover. The Group operates several brands within seven international markets: The Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, Belgium, United Kingdom, Germany, and France.

In today’s relationship-driven consumer environment, it’s all about knowing the needs of your existing customers – and making an attractive offer at the perfect time of purchase readiness. The group’s flagship brand, Sunweb, needed to drive more revenue from existing customers who had recent bookings. By analyzing booking data from previous years, Sunweb was able to pinpoint the “moments of truth” when consumers are ready to purchase “ancillary packages” to supplement their city trips or winter vacations.

Working with long-time Selligent partner agency De Heeren van Veertig Plus (DHVVP), Sunweb translated these insights into a data-driven upsell email campaign. Thanks to Selligent’s AI-generated offers and automated email journeys, Sunweb was able to send personally relevant upgrade offers at the right time for six brands in six different languages.

Check out the video to discover how this ‘smart’ upsell email campaign generated significant revenue from extra bookings!

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