Relevant Offers to Drive Retention

Corwin provides professional learning resources that equip PreK–12 educators with innovative tools to improve teaching and learning. They offer a host of independent and integrated professional learning options that match your budget, timeline, and objectives: from books and resources, to institutes, and even eLibraries & eCourses. 

The core objective of Corwin is to provide quality resources that help teachers do what they do best. In pursuit of this goal, Corwin aimed to simplify the user journey on their website so that the right products could reach the right customers.

Corwin realized their website was difficult to navigate. They had hundreds of products in differentiated categories that made seamless browsing a challenge. Corwin wanted to synthesize their product list while also gauging each customer’s interests and preferences to forecast relevant offers. 

By using Site and Cortex, Corwin was able to place relevant product recommendations across their website. The homepage featured content blocks dictated by tastes and interests from 2022, while product pages showed relevant items from the same category. 

Watch now to learn how this strategy drove engagement and visitor retention for Corwin.

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