Marketing Coffee Chat: An Interview with Prixa Phrasathane, Chief Digital Officer at VeryChic

Since 2011, VeryChic has been a true travel ambassador for their customers. They’re dedicated to delivering extraordinary experiences and creating unforgettable moments at carefully selected hotels and tours. With a 95% satisfaction rate, VeryChic prioritizes customer relationships to ensure each experience and communication is ideal, which is no simple feat for any brand.

We booked our ticket to travel into the mind of VeryChic’s Chief Digital Officer, Prixa Phrasathane, to hear how he and his team leverage technology to optimize those touches. Don’t worry, we’ve booked a ticket for you, too!

We’re taking this journey to learn how VeryChic sets themselves apart from other travel & leisure brands and understand how their digital marketing strategy supports these measures. From data ownership to data accessibility, Phrasathane knows ease of data access is essential for brands. Selligent’s data flow allows him and his team the flexibility to execute whatever actions they want within the platform for optimal results. The most momentous asset has been the ability to recommend relevant products or promotions based on user data, which is an essential function for travel and leisure companies looking to optimize engagement.

You don’t need to pack your bags to watch our Coffee Chat with Phrasathane and learn more about his favorite aspects of Marigold Engage, what collaboration between the Selligent team and the VeryChic team looks like and why Selligent was this travel and leisure company’s platform of choice.

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