Kinepolis Wins the Selligent 2022 MarTech Award for Best Agile Communications

The Kinepolis Group is a Belgian-French cinema chain with 58 theaters across Europe and is Europe’s third largest cinema chain. Like most businesses, Kinepolis saw their audiences and revenues plummet during the COVID-19 pandemic. Visitors dropped from 40.3 million, to 17.2 million. With a very small staff to support the efforts in eight countries, Kinepolis knew that good marketing programs were the key to getting audiences back to the cinema.

Kinepolis turned to Selligent for help. They started using one template for all communications. By using the same building blocks and templates for all email communications in eight European countries, Kinepolis improved their brand identity and uniformity. 

Kinepolis also used Selligent’s personalization tools to better understand their customers’ behavior and interests. They updated their preference settings to increase the amount of information they collected about each user. Then Kinepolis added internal display ads, social media campaigns, automated journey flows to reduce abandoned cart rates and “last chance to see” opportunity notifications. The results were impressive. 

By collecting more relevant user data, Kinepolis was able to deliver more personalized “always on” messages that went to the right viewer at the right time. Their branding became more agile and the look across all marketing efforts looked unified and consistent. And more importantly Selligent’s technology helped Kinepolis work more efficiently and achieve stronger results. It’s the ending everyone was hoping for!

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