How Luxury Brand De Bijenkorf’s Won Selligent’s 2022 MarTech Award for Innovation

Founded in Amsterdam in 1870 as a small haberdashery, De Bijenkorf, which translates to ‘The Beehive’, is a luxury department store with seven branches in the Netherlands and a robust ecommerce site. De Bijenkorf’s mission is to be the most creative, inspiring and sustainable department store, where everyone can feel special.

But the brand’s ESP was standing in their way. Email campaigns were time-consuming to create, and did not personalize the content to each shopper. In some cases there could be up to 16 versions of an email designed for a single campaign.

De Bijenkorf knew they needed a new system. With the support of RapidSugar, they turned to Marigold Engage. Selligent fitted seamlessly with their existing tech stack and offered extensive options for personalization. 

By adding over 5,000 content blocks and automating customer journeys, De Bijenkorf can

now send relevant email content to each and every shopper based on the shopper’s behavior. Countless unique combinations are dynamically created from the 5,000 content blocks and the shopper’s browsing and purchasing history.

Moving De Bijenkorf’s email system to a predictive model has already delivered results. They’ve seen a 30% increase in click through rates and a 31% increase in conversion rates. And most importantly, De Bijenkorf’s operations are more efficient and truly personalized to make every shopper feel special.

Check out the video to learn more about how seamless it can be to upgrade your email marketing strategy!

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