How a Fun, Interactive Campaign Successfully Built Brand Awareness

Quality Wellnessresorts leads the wellness industry in the Netherlands, with 4 resorts spanning across the country. The two newest resorts most recently added to the Quality Wellnessresorts family, Thermen Berendonck and Thermen Bad Nieuweschans, had difficulty gaining recognition in their prospective areas due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Quality Wellnessresorts aimed to increase brand awareness online, engage prospective customers, and then drive conversion to better establish these new resorts. To earn engagement from both known and unknown customers, brands need to offer a real value exchange, or individuals will simply scroll past.

They earned their audience’s engagement and participation with an interactive digital campaign, completely unique to Quality Wellnessresorts. Beyond an offer, discount, or standard promotion, these types of campaigns incentivize engagement because they are intriguing, fun, and offer value back to the customer. 

Once the customer is enticed by the campaign, brands can include any promotional or informative details they’d like to share with customers while also collecting first and zero-party data. This data can include identity data, psychographic data, and more in order to inform robust user profiling.

Quality Wellnessresorts successfully promoted this campaign through extensive social media advertising. They effectively reached their intended audience and promoted traffic to their digital interactive campaign. This resulted in the resort seeing enormous growth in their user database and an increase in email open rates. 

Watch now  to learn about how this successful interactive digital campaign built brand awareness for Quality Wellness Resorts.

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