How Burger King Increased Email Conversions by More than 25%

Burger King BE, winner of the Best Consumer-First Campaign at the Selligent 2022 Awards, worked with a series of agencies to successfully bring additional added value to its customers. With 44 locations and another ten locations planned for the next five years, Burger King knew they needed to build loyalty and keep their audiences continuously engaged via mobile, email and social media.

But while Burger King’s mobile and social platforms expanded, their email strategy was lagging behind. Emails were sent on a ‘batch-and-blast’ basis or via push notification, with open rates at 25% and conversions at a mere 11% rate.

Burger King enlisted the support of Selligent and Springbok to upgrade their email marketing strategy. Their goal was to create more value for customers which in turn, would increase fan engagement with Burger King content, and would make them even more loyal to the Burger King brand.

Selligent worked with Burger King and Springbok to improve marketing automation on three levels: campaign, user journeys, and data analysis. By creating a variety of automated segments and campaign journeys (versus a batch and blast approach), Burger King saw higher levels of engagement from their audiences. Open rates increased by 7% to 32% and conversion rates soared to 30% compared to 11% before working with Selligent. Check out the video to learn more about how Selligent helped Burger King BE build a loyal fan following with more than 92% of their audiences choosing to opt-in to and learn all about the newest delights that Burger King is serving up.

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