Domino’s Pizza Wins Best Omnichannel Strategy at the Selligent 2022 Martech Awards

Domino’s Pizza is the largest pizza delivery and take-out company in the world, with over 17,000 locations across 89 countries. They aim to deliver hot and fresh meals within 20 minutes. 

Domino’s, together with Ematters, their marketing automation and data agency in the Netherlands, launched a challenge where they asked customers to submit photos of activities that they could do in the 20 minutes when awaiting their deliveries

Rooted in a mobile-first perspective, Selligent developed an omnichannel campaign that was promoted across all major media channels including email, their website, television, social media and radio.

The Challenge generated over 800 entries. With two automated user flows – one for entrants and one for voters, Selligent and Ematters created a seamless activation campaign that increased engagement, particularly among younger fans, who are normally hard to reach in the Netherlands.

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