Communicating Effectively to Build Awareness and (Accidentally) Drive Revenue

ASDA is one of Britain’s leading retailers with a network of stores and online services that include supercentres, superstores, supermarkets, living stores, petrol stations and depots across the United Kingdom. ASDA wanted to open a dialogue between them and their vast customer base to understand their customer’s needs, communicate their own initiatives and navigate tough predicaments like the increased cost of living.

To effectively communicate with a large, diverse audience, robust segmentation is crucial for brands like ASDA who aim to reach every single customer where they’re at.

With dramatic increases to the cost of living, ASDA noticed their customer base was struggling to afford every-day basic goods. ASDA created a price mechanic to drop and lock prices to combat the effects of inflation. Effectively broadcasting their efforts was critical to let their audience know they were aware of their struggles and that they were actively tackling this issue.

Together with Selligent, they created new datasets to segment their customer base which allowed them to efficiently target individuals with relevant messages and time sensitive price changes.

The goal of this campaign was to raise awareness, not drive revenue, but it effectively did both.

Watch now to learn how communicating with your customers intuitively benefits both the customer and the brand.

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