Accent Jobs Wins the Martech award for “Selligent Favorite” in 2022

As one of Belgium’s largest recruitment agencies, Accent Jobs provides more than 13,000 job opportunities with a focus on temporary to permanent placements. Accent wanted to build their database of jobseekers in an efficient way that would keep visitors coming back for their next job. 

In 2018 Accent Jobs turned to Springbok and Selligent to build closer relationships with their customers and ensure that they keep coming back to Accent Jobs when looking for new employment opportunities. Selligent’s team of experts set to work to create content blocks based on the profile of each job seeker. The job seeker’s information and interests were captured with lead forms, along with account information, and information the new system offered about the user’s browsing history.

Then the job seeker’s interests were compared to a vacancy table, and the candidates were linked to vacancies that were suitable for their background. Then based on the candidate’s geographic location, experience and interests, registered users were sent customized emails about available jobs that matched their profiles. 

Accent Jobs added more efficiency to their strategies by adding additional content blocks using the metadata in the vacancy table. The marketing department can now use the content blocks over and over again in other campaigns based on the individuals’ preferences.

As a result, they achieved a 30% increase in open rate and a 400% jump in click rates!

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