The Personalization Handbook for Retail Marketers

Thumbnail of a document entitled: "The Personalization Handbook for Retail Marketers: How to Power Customer Engagement with Hyper-Personalized Marketing", featuring an image of a retail store interior and several shoppers looking through home objects and apparel.

Gone are the simpler days when marketers could group customers into a single segment and send them generic marketing campaigns Leading retail brands already know that the key to brand success these days lies in marketing personalization, giving retail customers the next-level customer experiences they’re quickly coming to expect as the norm. But tailoring messaging to individual preferences is easier said than done.

In our Personalization Handbook for Retail Marketers, we provide a toolset of proven strategies and technologies to help marketers leverage personalization for longterm wins like increased customer loyalty, spending frequency, and lifetime value. Download to learn about:

  • The most valuable customer data you should be collecting
  • 7 campaign-optimizing personalization strategies for retailers
  • Inspiring, real-life examples of brands who have already reached retail personalization success