The New Data-Value Exchange

Thumbnail of a document titled "The New Data-Value Exchange: How brands can profit from negotiating a clear quid-pro-quo for customers’ personal data". The image features a woman in casual clothing and sneakers, sitting in front of a pink wall, holding up an enormous happy face sign over her head. A laptop lies near her feet.

Businesses usually operate according to the principle of quid pro quo, or “something for something”. But in the age of data and data breaches, consumers are now more apprehensive than ever to share personal information with brands, and for good reason. Consumers are realizing that their personal data can sometimes be much more valuable to the brand than what the consumer receives in return. Today’s brands must drive a harder bargain, but how?

The conundrum belies one of the biggest challenges that marketers must face: a widening consumer trust gap.

In this eBook, you’ll find what the research reveals about how companies can earn consumer trust, new data privacy expectations marketers must meet, and specific actions you can take to recast your brand as “value providers” for your most loyal customers.