Omnichannel Marketing through a Consumer-First Lens

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The traditional marketing model is broken. You’re probably already seeing it in increased opt-out rates and decreased engagement. No, marketing is not “dead,” but it’s out of touch with today’s connected and empowered consumers. Case in point: only 25 percent of digital marketers evaluated their brand’s quality of omnichannel experience as ‘good’.

At Selligent, we believe that a great omnichannel strategy requires investing in creating consistent, useful, and relevant experiences. Looking ahead, we predict that the brands delivering seamless CX no matter the channel, will be the ones with seamlessly aligned tools in the backend.

In this white paper, you’ll find out:

  • How to prioritize long-term loyalty over short-term goals
  • How to gain trust by focusing on consumers’ needs
  • How to use contextual data to guide your campaigns

This white paper will define what consumer-first omnichannel marketing means and how to flip conventional approaches upside down.

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