Marketing to Gen Z:
A Fresh Approach to Reach a New Generation of Consumers

Gen Z is rewriting the rules of consumer engagement when it comes to technology, shopping, media, brand loyalty, and more. This is a generation that is redefining the commerce and media landscapes—not to mention society and culture as a whole—and their influence will continue to grow in the years to come. If you’re not evolving your marketing strategies to engage this younger generation and meet their expectations, you’re already falling behind.


This new report will help marketers put the Gen Z difference into real-world context, with meaningful insights and key strategies to engage and drive this important segment of consumers to action, including:

  • New data around Gen Z’s motivations, behaviors & preferences
  • Action plans for brands around the generational differences that are reshaping the landscape & the growing influence of Gen Z
  • 10 strategies for reaching & engaging with Gen Z in the coming five years