The Key Consumer Trends Driving Purchase Decisions in Spain

Attitudes and trends in personalization, privacy, messaging, advertising, and brand loyalty


It’s never been more difficult, nor important for marketers to stay one step ahead of consumer purchasing habits. With a raft of recent data scandals, GDPR privacy legislation, COVID-19 and the death of the cookie, marketers need the data to be able to connect with consumers in Spain on the right channel, with the right message, at the right time.


This infographic highlights the key trends driving purchase decisions for consumers in Spain, revealing online consumer expectations, the channels consumers want to connect on and the data they’re prepared to share in return for more personalized experiences.


Please note that this infographic has been written in Spanish.


Download this infographic to learn:

How well over half of consumers in Spain will share preference data in return for a better service
Preferred channels for receiving offers, content and rewards from brands
The top loyalty drivers
How consumers in Spain feel when the personalization they receive doesn’t reflect their wants and needs
Views on Google and other browsers curtailing third-party cookie tracking