Thumbnail of a document titled "Holiday Marketing Plan By April Mullen, Director of Consumer-First Marketing Adoption". The image features a large heart made up of holly leaves, cranberries, and coffee beans on a white background.

Holiday Marketing Plan

When the holidays roll in, it can feel like non-stop rollercoaster of things that have to get done for marketing execution. How many times have you found yourself cranking out campaigns and creative to keep pace with organizational demands? Or had to mobilize a new initiative at the last minute because someone came up with a great idea a little late? Well, you’re not alone. Get ahead of the holiday mayhem this year by planning early and developing campaigns that truly cut through the seasonal noise.

In this Holiday Marketing Playbook & Checklist you’ll learn:

  • Tips on unique experiences you can leverage to delight customers and stand out in a crowded landscape
  • Ideas on how to audit and crisis-proof your relationship marketing program to meet your distinct deliverability and revenue goals
  • Tactics – in checklist form – for key in-market dates (October through January)