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Danish electricity supplier sparks loyalty with surveys and live updates on power consumption

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SEAS-NVE Energi is Denmark’s largest electricity supplier. The company made history as the first on the Danish electricity market to rethink the industry’s business model: Instead of earning money on customers’ electricity consumption, the company profits only from their subscriptions. The company is driven by a green vision and offers green advice to its customers.

The Challenge

As a pioneer in green energy technologies, SEAS-NVE Energi is driven by an inspiring vision for a clean energy future. But when it came to electrifying power subscription customers across Denmark with engaging communications, the company lacked the necessary spark.

As research revealed, customer churn had increased from 4% to 8% in what had become a very competitive marketplace. What’s more, the average Danish customer spends only seven minutes per year thinking about electricity. But otherwise, SEAS-NVE Energi knew very little about its customers because:

Customer satisfaction surveys were handled by an external supplier
Communication flows were mostly manual and irregular
The team lacked capacity and data to personalize communications

We had many challenges that a marketing automation system could contribute to solve. Marigold Engage delivered beyond our expectations and helped us increase loyalty by serving our customers personal, relevant, and up-to-date information at scale.

Rikke Holm Petersen

Communication Manager, Campaigns, Loyalty & Energy Consulting, SEAS-NVE Energi

The Path To Success

Working closely with Marigold Engage as the marketing automation system, SEAS-NVE Energi boosted its data architecture into a 100% personalized, real-time digital platform. The company’s self-service portal and digital app use the same data as Selligent, to provide a seamless, excellent customer experience. With journeys, content, and emails automated and personalized on the platform, the utilities company hard-wired its communications for successful implementation of:

  1. Onboarding communications flow for new customers, to learn more about customers via surveys in Selligent and to reduce churn by signaling close personal attention.
  2. Live content emails showing real-time electricity consumption data, to provide direct status updates for customers.
  3. Customer information displayed live and personalized via Selligent Site, with all data collected in Universal Customer Profiles.
  4. Regular consumption emails at three-month intervals, alerting consumers to their usage in Kilowatts, to help make them more aware of their energy consumption, to follow it more easily, and to be better informed about green energy and pricing.


Engaging customers in a targeted manner based on behavior and preference data soon paid dividends. By adopting Marigold Engage as the automation and data backbone, SEAS-NVE Energi super-charged the efficiency of its customer engagement. The company is not only able to view customer and touchpoint satisfaction scores live, but can also respond faster to customer feedback or problems. The campaign elicited the highest customer satisfaction and loyalty score ever in SEAS-NVE Energi’s history.

The impact on consumer habits was most pronounced: While the average Danish customer thinks about electricity for only seven minutes a year, SEAS-NVE Energi customers with the app check their electricity consumption seven times a month on average.

The company credits Selligent’s marketing automation with the results: “It has been an absolute pleasure to work with Selligent. They are extremely professional – and some of the best consultants I have worked with​, grasping quickly what we wanted. They made the system fit our needs and not vice versa,” said Rikke Holm Petersen, Communication Manager, Campaigns, Loyalty & Energy Consulting, SEAS-NVE Energi.

17 %
Less Churn (among new customers)
40 %
More Customer Interaction on SEAS-NVE Energi’s digital platforms

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