Thumbnail image of the cover of a Selligent Case Study titled "Quick: Belgian fast-food restaurant creates appetite for customer loyalty"

Quick: Belgian fast-food restaurant creates appetite for customer loyalty

When you’re the number-one fast-food chain in Belgium, you probably assume your customers would "eat up" the opportunity for free burgers or special discounts by using your mobile app. That didn’t happen for Quick. After launching its mobile app, the popular burger restaurant realized that many customers were completing one purchase on the app – and never coming back for a second or third purchase.

In this appetizing case study, read how Quick was able to transform those customers who had taken just a nibble on the app into frequent and loyal users. With Selligent as its omnichannel marketing automation platform, Quick was able to successfully:

  • Target app customers right after their first purchase, on their preferred channel
  • Create a customer journey toward two, three, four or more consecutive meals
  • Send special offers in the form of best-performing discount coupons, or let customers choose a preferred coupon
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