A cross section of various fruits including a pear, grapfruit, lemon, apple, and kiwi are lined up, neatly in size order across a pink surface and background.

Personalized customer experiences instead of abandoned shopping carts

AllyouneedFresh had a great idea: why not direct customers from the online recipe portal to pre-populated shopping carts in the online supermarket portal? The idea was a good one but over time, it was clear there was a problem: customers were confused during the process and as a result, abandoning their shopping carts at high rates. The team at AllyouneedFresh decided to address the issue head-on and selected Selligent Marketing Cloud for an extensive research gathering process that would help them design a marketing campaign to address customers in a personal and targeted way.

The result? AllyouneedFresh team realized they could use Selligent Marketing Cloud's SITE tool to easily and quickly identify new customers from any one of the recipe portals. Find out how AllyouneedFresh used this data to automatically deliver personalized customer experiences by downloading the case study today!

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