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Major Belgian retailer reaps benefits from AI-powered marketing & automated lifecycle campaigns

Partner Agency

One of the biggest fashion retailers in Western Europe, JBC operates a chain of apparel stores for men, women, and kids, with 145 shops across Belgium, Luxembourg, and Germany, as well as a thriving ecommerce business consisting of several online stores.

JBC was founded in 1975 and is based in Houthalen-Helchteren, Belgium. The company is strongly customer focused and committed to providing a robust, consistent experience for shoppers, online and in-store.

The Challenge

Working with Dignify, a leading digital agency specializing in marketing technology, JBC enlisted Marigold Engage to serve as the foundational tool in their new marketing approach to overcome the following challenges:

Extracting insights from vast amounts of customer data:
JBC approached this by adopting an RF (recency and frequency) model of analysis to understand customer behavior and purchasing behavior
Translate these findings into actionable strategies:
JBC accomplished this using Selligent’s marketer-friendly AI technology

With Marigold Engage and its artificial intelligence capabilities, our marketers can work quickly and independently of IT. This puts powerful tools at their fingertips and allows them to execute programs faster, and gain results sooner.

Marco Piombo

Founder & CEO of Dignify

The Path To Success

With the help of Marigold Engage and Dignify, JBC grew its marketing program to a more mature, sophisticated level and set up a highly personalized email trigger campaign that included:

Smart Segmentation

With the dynamic nature of marketing, it’s not always just about the recommendations you can spin up, it’s also about identifying the right targets for specific offers. Using transactional data from a period of three years, JBC, Dignify, and Selligent worked closely together to create a marketing platform set-up that would harness the power of Marigold Recommendations’s machine learning capabilities to automatically predict and influence a customer’s expected next purchase, based on a customer’s typical purchase rhythm.

Predictive Product Recommendations

JBC uses Marigold Recommendations to populate email communications with personalized, AI-powered product suggestions, sent daily to those segmented customers with a propensity to buy within the next seven days. While some blocks are tailored for an individual’s favorite purchase category (men’s clothing, for example), other blocks are tailored for upselling and cross-selling accessories and other small items, thereby increasing average order values. By enticing customers with specifically generated recommendations based on their previous transaction histories, this takes the guesswork out of creating appealing and effective emails.

Effective Email Automation Workflows

The new, AI-enabled system made it possible for JBC to set up automated, predictive lifecycles for JBC’s most loyal customers, based on the stage they are in with the brand. By understanding past purchases, interests, and browsing behaviors, AI lets JBC set up automated campaigns that drive the greatest amount of engagement and conversion possible.


Partner Profile

Dignify is a leading digital agency specializing in marketing technology. Dignify helps clients to bridge the gap between their marketing and IT teams. The agency’s team of experienced marketing technologists help clients map out digital strategies and transform them into ROI-driven marketing initiatives. Dignify operates at the speed and agility of a start-up, with the experience of a large enterprise. With over 50 years of combined experience in this space, marketing technology is simply part of their DNA. Learn more at


Shortly after implementing the new automated lifecycle campaigns, JBC witnessed impressive results. For many brands, the use of big data may not seem accessible due to the tremendous time and resource investment required to collect and manage all business data. Yet, since the campaign, JBC’s marketing team succeeded, generating 119 percent more absolute clicks compared with the same time the previous year.

With Marigold Recommendations’s AI capabilities, JBC’s marketing team is now empowered with a platform that can execute targeted campaigns that will lead to higher performance and better customer satisfaction.

38 %
Increase in Email Open Rates
65 %
Uplift in Conversion Rates (compared to control groups)

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