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Leading education publisher unleashes the power of data & drives success with Selligent’s marketing automation platform


Corwin is a global publishing company and the premier provider of professional learning resources to equip PreK–12 educators with innovative tools to improve teaching and learning. A division of SAGE Publishing, Corwin sells books, offers consultant services, hosts events, and offers courses on a number of topics to support the professional learning of educators and effective teaching.

Corwin takes pride that it is – and always will be – a fiercely independent, family-owned business, whose stakeholders are learners all over the world. Founded in 1990, the company quickly became established as an essential source of what works best, when, and for whom in education. It does this by sustaining a long legacy of visionary and courageous publications, and by offering long-term consulting services in collaboration with thousands of districts, to effect deeper professional learning.

The Challenge

Corwin was best known for its award-winning K-12 publishing program. As the company explored new ways to support its educational partners through online courses and in-person consulting, Corwin quickly discovered that book-selling strategies don’t translate as easily to a service-selling model, even with customer interest. Services are a much longer selling cycle and a significantly larger financial investment, so the company needed to discover ways to better understand and respond to customers’ behavior and needs via more robust and compelling content.

The role of Corwin’s internal marketing team is to deliver highly qualified leads. They knew from research:

But they also knew that successful nurturing requires a level of personalization and a data-driven approach that integrates customer data and can only be achieved through marketing automation, something Corwin’s existing systems were unable to accomplish efficiently. As a result:

To achieve higher-quality leads, it was time to get more from their marketing. They needed to:

Eliminate the manual processes
Deliver custom-fit messages based on buyers’ and prospects’ behavior.
Collect data in a single place and make that data operational to effectively nurture leads down the sales funnel.

We needed to improve our marketing technology, but also to shift our mindset as a team. Selligent enabled us to do both. With a new focus on improved, integrated data, we’ve evolved from being merely consistent in our messaging to being more agile. Access to data across all channels is allowing us to learn more about our customers every day, so we can anticipate their needs, nurture them along their journey with personalized content, and help convert them faster to become qualified leads.

Elena Nikitina,

vice president, marketing and channel development, Corwin

The Path To Success:
An data-driven approach

Corwin recognized that Marigold Engage puts customer data at the center of everything. Universal Profiles provide a 360° customer view, centralizing every interaction and data point in one place all enable a truly data-driven approach. Marketers can leverage artificial intelligence (AI) to optimize targeting and to communicate with a customer or prospect at the precise time in their journey, with the most relevant, personalized message. Corwin’s marketing team was excited to use Journeys to deliver carefully orchestrated experiences across all channels, working within the same platform and seeing the marketing plan across all channels in one view. For Corwin, this was transformational. The company piloted Selligent for its professional learning consulting services business line with four key goals:

  1. Increase marketing-driven sales.
  2. Improve campaign effectiveness.
  3. Increase marketing productivity.
  4. Improve the customer journey by providing more relevant content – thereby more quickly converting leads to legitimate sales opportunities.

To achieve these goals, the team created a multi-channel, data-driven campaign based on behavioral data that utilized personalization and promoted key content areas to systematically transform strangers to highly qualified leads, ready to be handed off to the sales team.


With the Selligent platform, Corwin observed the following key metrics:

Selligent enabled Corwin to put the customer at the center of everything it does. Adopting a data-driven approach with Marigold Engage, the company now has actionable insights that allow it to anticipate customer needs, nurture prospects effectively with highly personalized content, score leads appropriately across channels, and convert them more quickly into long-term customers. And with the platform’s advanced analytics, the marketing team can quickly track conversions and report on ROI.

“Our team was delighted with the results of our first Selligent campaign,” according to Elena Nikitina. “Prior to automation, we were doing our best to deploy multichannel campaigns to prospects based on where we thought they were in the customer lifecycle. But without integrated data, our best efforts were hindered. With Selligent, we’re able to leverage consumer insights, create more relevant messaging across channels, and as a result, generate higher-quality leads.”

32 %
increase in email open rates
94 %
increase in web traffic to content-offer page

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