Case Study

Cassa di Risparmio di Volterra

Italian credit institute takes customer-first approach with data-driven CRM campaign

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Cassa di Risparmio di Volterra (CRV) is an Italian credit institution founded in 1893 in the Province of Pisa, Tuscany. Today, the independent financial services provider operates over 60 branches in Northern Italy, including the Tuscan provinces of Pisa, Livorno, Grosseto, Lucca, Siena, and Florence. With a strong customer focus, CRV aims to serve as a reference bank for families, small and medium-sized enterprises, as well as trade-based and agricultural businesses. Operating under the slogan “Do not call it a bank,” CRV emphasizes a personal approach and comprehensive services beyond mere financial transactions.

The Challenge

For centuries, Cassa di Risparmio di Volterra has prided itself on the level of personal service it offers to customers. The credit institute was already using the Selligent platform for targeted email initiatives, but also realized that more value – and more personalized services – could be leveraged from customer data collected along the way.

In order to maximize benefits from customer data, CRV needed to overcome three major challenges:

Identify and offer up high-potential products in its catalog
to suitable customers, focusing on products with the largest target groups.
Improve customer profiling
and segment customers into clusters based on preferred products.
Design CRM campaign with conversion and revenue increase as main goals,
while feeding data into consumer profiles.

A strength in the use of the Selligent platform is it seamlessly interfaces with our management software. This puts the credit institute in a position to combine online with offline activities to establish a relationship with customers based on relevance and trust.

Giovanni Biegi

Head of Marketing Department, CRV

The Path To Success

Assuming a customer-first approach, Cassa di Risparmio di Volterra created a CRM campaign with partner agency e-one and the Selligent platform as the customer data backbone. For the target group, CRV zeroed in on private customers and chose the most attractive insurance solutions in its portfolio as the main focus of communications.

Using Selligent’s capabilities to track website behavior and serve personalized content, the CRM campaign proceeded in three sequential steps:

Initial emails sent to entire database of private customers opted into marketing. Emails contained attractive insurance products in clickable boxes, directing to detailed landing pages. Website contact form data for known customers was pre-populated with information in Selligent’s Universal Consumer Profiles.

Automatic reminder emails targeting customers who had yet to open their first email, based on a standard journey map in Selligent.

Personalized follow-up emails to customers who had visited product microsites. Dynamic emails populated with specific product recommendations based on website behavior captured in Selligent. Contact form completion also triggered alert for personal follow-up to responsible manager via interface with the credit institute’s management portal.


Engaging customers in a targeted manner based on behavior and preference data soon paid dividends. Using Marigold Engage’s capabilities for consumer profiling, dynamic content, and automated journeys boosted Cassa di Risparmio di Volterra’s marketing success.

Beyond these immediate improvements, assuming a customer-first approach yielded long-term gains for CRV.

“Using data collected in Selligent, we were able to create groups of profiled customers based on their interests, which will be useful for future campaigns. This campaign confirms and enhances the importance of listening to the needs and requirements of our customers,” said Giovanni Biegi, Head of Marketing Department, CRV.

In the bigger picture, the data-driven approach also bridges the gap between real-life interactions between customers and managers at CRV service centers and the institution’s digital initiatives.

Increase in number of email opens
Lift in click-to-open rates

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