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Italian fashion leader boosts email engagement and retail conversions with data-driven campaign

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Capri S.R.L. is considered a global leader in fashion and a symbol of the Italian entrepreneurial spirit. Founded in 1988 in Naples, Italy, Capri is the parent company of international men’s and women’s apparel brands ALCOTT and GUTTERIDGE.

Capri’s brands are known for offering on-trend clothing collections at competitive price points. As a style leader in global fashion, Capri operates over 200 branded stores in nine countries worldwide, supplemented by a strong ecommerce offering.

The Challenge

At the onset of the global coronavirus pandemic, the European retail landscape was strongly impacted by lockdown measures and store closures to curb the spread of Covid-19. Consequently, digital communications emerged as the key channel for keeping connected to customers and driving conversions in retail.

As the owner of popular apparel brands ALCOTT and GUTTERIDGE, Italian fashion house Capri S.R.L. focused on two goals to meet this challenging new situation: 

Improving the performance
of direct email marketing and engagement of its customer database
Expanding the customer base
and marketing audience

The Selligent and e-one partnership has enabled Capri to quickly implement email marketing and CRM strategies. These have proven to be critical in dealing with the delicate period caused by the ongoing health emergency.

Marco Buono

Project Manager, Capri

The Path To Success

Working closely with e-one,aSelligent partner agency specializing in digital CRM and performance email marketing, Capri S.R.L. decided that building a solid database of opted-in customers was crucial to sustaining and expanding sales, especially at a time when the digital channel increased in importance.

Utilizing Selligent’s Universal Profiles and omnichannel engagement capabilities, e-one helped Capri to implement a series of omnichannel lead generation campaigns. Based on automated customer journeys and personalized engagement, the campaigns utilized multiple channels including websites, social networks, and points of sale.

The in-store campaign, which was managed entirely through Selligent, proved particularly effective, thanks to Selligent’s integration between POS and customer profile data. As a result, customers were able to receive a unique discount coupon by simply scanning a QR code, then immediately redeem it at checkout. The automated flow continued a few days later by inviting participating customers to explore the online store with another coupon code via email.


Partner Profile

e-one is a consultancy agency specializing in e-business and digital marketing. The firm advises and supports companies in defining and executing their digital business models, by finding, attracting, engaging, and building relationships with their clients and doing business with them digitally and online. E-one combines strategic knowledge with agency expertise in design, technology, and e-business. This unique combination of consultancy, creative thinking, and implementation makes e-one a valuable service partner in converting innovative ideas into effective digital experiences and products. Learn more at


With engaging digital communications in the front and data-driven efficiency on the backend,this campaign struck a chord with customers.Capri was able to significantly improve the performance of its direct email marketing and the engagement of its database in a very short time. The below-the-line impact on business success was also quite chic.

In the bigger picture, the data-driven approach started a new marketing trend for Capri’s brands. “Thanks to Selligent and e-one, we have been able to implement new customer journeys, allowing us to quickly analyze the results and revise or strengthen our strategy as needed,” said Marco Buono, Project Manager, Capri.

During a period of global health emergencies and periodic store closures, the pivot towards omnichannel engagement and performance email marketing strategies has helped Capri brands to remain relevant and first-in-mind for its customers.

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