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Individually Personalized Campaigns Drive Record Conversions for Camper Footwear

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Founded in 1975, Camper is a contemporary footwear brand from the island of Mallorca, Spain. After over 40 years in the footwear industry, Camper is still a family business. Now in its fourth generation, the company still designs all its shoes in Inca, in the rural heart of Mallorca.

With a commitment to offering Camper shoes for every walk of life, the company currently sells around 4 million pairs of shoes annually. The Camper brand is marketed globally, with a digital presence in over 40 countries and more than 400 stores worldwide.

The Challenge

Every year, Camper uses the winter sales season as an opportunity to offer customers attractive deals and liquidate inventory through the email channel. In order to kick the annual campaign into high gear, Camper enlisted agency BeRepublic and Selligent Marketing

Cloud for a personalized email communications strategy to reach the following business goals:

1. Increase KPIs such as open rates and click rates
After recently growing their database size and number of sends, revenue in the email channel was up but customer engagement metrics were taking a hit.
2. Add personalization to increase engagement
Using customer web behavior, Camper wanted to harness customer data to customize in-email content and deliver on-taste product recommendations.
3. Demonstrate the benefits of behavior-based targeting
Making the case for more personalized content, Camper’s marketing team wanted to incorporate personalization more meaningfully in their marketing strategy and future email campaigns.

We’re really excited to expand marketing personalization in Camper’s digital marketing strategy. With so much data that we’re collecting from customers about their individual web behavior, we have a great opportunity to optimize customer experiences by providing more relevant product suggestions and messaging not just for winter campaigns, but beyond as well.

Beatriz Cardona Tamayo

BeRepublic agency

The Path To Success

After performing a deep-dive into customer data stored in Selligent Marketing Cloud’s Universal Consumer Profiles, the team decided to use customers’ web browsing data as the foundation for offering a more personalized email marketing experience. Camper met the following milestones with this ongoing campaign:

Achieving clear audience segmentation: Camper used behavior and purchase data to segment customers into two groups:

Advanced customers: Those with a significant browsing and purchasing history of Camper’s more innovative shoe styles.Traditional customers: Those with lower web histories who tend to buy more traditional shoe models.

Focusing on advanced customers: In order to prove the hypothesis that “personalization of communications improves the percentage of conversion,” the team decided to perform A/B tests using Selligent’s easy A/B testing capabilities with communications aimed at “advanced” customers.

Two kinds of messages: generic & personalized:Using Selligent’s A/B testing capabilities, Camper sent one group of advanced customers an email containing personalized product offers based on their taste, versus a non-personalized message.

Personalization at scale with all customers: After testing the personalized approach in the advanced customer segment, Camper extended the A/B test to the rest of the customer database.


The campaign was a major win for Camper and a textbook example for the power of personalization. As the results quickly demonstrated, personalization was the right path forward for the Spanish footwear company.

“We finally realized that the winning email for our customers was one that communicated a recommended product. It helped us achieve much higher Click To Open rates and a higher rate of conversions. As a result, we decided to roll out personalized emails using Selligent Marketing Cloud to the rest of our database,” said Beatriz Cardona Tamayo, BeRepublic agency.

When Camper extended the winning personalized email to the rest of the database, both CTOR and conversion to sale showed a significant boost. As the team had hoped, the personalized approach showed its effectiveness beyond a single campaign and as a steady feature in Camper’s email strategy.

2.3 %
Increase in Click To Open Rate
36.4 %
Improvement in Conversion to Sales Rates

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