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Home supplies store increases engagement with personalized, consumer-first communications across the lifecycle

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Founded in 1973, Brico is a major DIY store chain and DIY market leader in Belgium. The name ‘Brico’ is derived from the French ‘bricoler,’ which means ‘to tinker.’ With a retail network comprising 144 stores, Brico offers a wide range of DIY, home decoration and gardening products, combining known brands with its own house labels. True to the motto ‘For the Makers,’ Brico stores cover all home improvement needs at an average size of 3,700 square meters.

The Challenge

Working with partner agency Springbok, Brico decided to take a lifecycle perspective on building stronger customer relationships based on personalized engagement. Using Marigold Engage as the data foundation, the team identified the following challenges in its CRM set-up:

Missing data from in-store customers.
Brico personnel had no time to obtain full personal profile data when customers sign up for loyalty cards at retail. Plus, customers need to provide marketing opt-in themselves in accordance with GDPR.
Need for more personalized, customer-oriented experiences.
Customers have different needs at different times; for instance, when moving into a new home or starting a gardening project.
Prevent churn due to over-communication.
Brico needed to let customers control communication content and frequency to prevent opt-outs.

Selligent plays a key role on our journey to becoming a consumer-first organization. The platform helps us deliver personalization in our communications while constantly learning more about our customers across the entire lifecycle.

Ozana Popescu

IT CRM Product Owner, Maxeda DIY Group (Brico, BricoPlanit & Praxis)

The Path To Success

As the four main campaign goals, Brico wanted to acquire, unify, grow, and win back customers across the entire lifecycle. The team used Selligent’s testing, personalized content and customer data platform (CDP) capabilities to meet the following milestones:

Data capture via in-store registration process. Customers registered via friendly interface at the store, while A/B testing determined optimal messaging and visuals and completed their profiles at home.

Progressive profiling via seven ‘Golden’ questions across the lifecycle. Enrich universal consumer profiles in Selligent with relevant data by targeted questions about personal interests and type of residence (home or apartment) as basis for personalized communications.

Personalized website experiences powered by Selligent Site and interest-specific communications. Product vouchers for new homeowners and people moving home – to maximize sales – in return for specific information.

Customer control center for marketing frequency and content. Allow consumers full control of message type (birthday emails, promotions, project-specific suggestions). This type of Customer Managed Relationship (CMR) gives customers the power to make real-time adjustments.


Assuming a long-term perspective with Selligent as the data foundation, Brico created a virtual cycle of personalized engagement and continuous learning about customer needs. This helped cement Brico’s status as a valuable resource for DIY home improvement.

On the backend, Marigold Engage also proved flexible enough to ensure free data exchange across Brico’s tools repositories.

“We prefer Selligent for connecting to existing systems, because the architecture is made to fit the purpose and the team supports us in delivering,“ said Ozana Popescu, IT CRM Product Owner, Maxeda DIY Group (Brico, BricoPlanit, Praxis).

400+ %
in-store registrations via new opt-in process
98 %
of missing profile information populated within two months

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