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Apotek Hjärtat

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DAD Direct

Apotek Hjärtat is Sweden’s largest private pharmacy chain with approximately 390 pharmacies and over 3,000 employees. The company has pharmacies throughout Sweden, in major cities, provincial towns, and rural areas. Apotek Hjärtat strives to provide better health and well-being for every customer through more personalized service, a wider range of products, and extended services.

The company was started in 2010, with just over 200 pharmacies throughout Sweden. Since then, Apotek Hjärtat has grown substantially, with a commitment to getting people closer to a pharmacy, and providing better hours of service. Together with its customers and employees, Apotek Hjärtat is striving to develop the pharmacy of the future; a pharmacy with a heart.

The Challenge

Apotek Hjärtat has been working with target group-controlled communication and customer relationship management (CRM) since its inception. At the root is a customer database, the foundation for targeted mailings to select groups, which is a key part of the pharmacy’s communication strategy.

However, the company’s customer database and its e-mail system did not communicate with each other, requiring all work to be done manually and coordinated by someone. Apotek Hjärtat needed to find a marketing automation platform that would enable them to implement, coordinate, automate, and evaluate all communication activities based on a common platform. The goal was to be able to work channel-independent and integrated.

Apotek Hjärtat has a goal to achieve optimized customer experience through omnichannel and data-driven communication. Selligent’s platform (solution) is one of the cornerstones for our ambitions that gives us the possibility to work with automated flows and to develop the 360-degree customer view over time.

Roland Wärting

Campaign and CRM Technology, Apotek Hjärtat

The Path To Success

Apotek Hjärtat’s marketing agency, DAD Direct, has extensive experience in marketing automation projects and was also a supplier to the company. Together, they evaluated many solutions available on the market and found a way forward, with the final platform choice being Selligent.

The versatility and capacity of the Selligent platform were the most important factors in the choice, but price was also a very important parameter. Many companies invest in far too large systems, with features that will never be used. Another factor that influenced the decision was DAD Direct’s ability to deliver and provide support on the Selligent platform.

DAD Direct

Partner Profile

DAD Direct is one of Scandinavia’s leading players in data-driven customer communication, whether it’s direct mail via postal mailings or marketing Automation. Founded in 1994, DAD Direct has developed expertise in the challenges of CRM work. Thea agency helps some of Sweden’s and Scandinavia’s leading brands to simplify their marketing communication, deliver sharper customer experiences, and do better business.


In a very short time, the Selligent marketing automation platform proved a great success for Apotek Hjärtat, resulting in more relevant mailings, more satisfied customers, and increased sales. The key to this success is undoubtedly that the company has been able to increase its relevance with customers. As a result, Hjärtat has maintained a clear presence with its customers and has had a very low opt-out in their channels.

The Selligent platform is also the basis for the customer club Klubb Hjärtat, where loyal customers receive bonuses on their purchases, unique discounts, and personal offers.

“By gathering everything into one system, we can get a 360-degree view of the individual customer,” says Anna Byberg, campaign manager for the loyalty program at Apotek Hjärtat. “Top customers now receive two personalized offers 11 times a year, based for example on what they have traded during the year. The redemption for our personal offers is much better, compared other targeted offers. And our surveys show that the personal offers are very much appreciated.”

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