APOTEK HJÄRTAT: The right offer creates satisfied customers

Apotek Hjärtat is Sweden’s largest private pharmacy chain, with nearly 400 pharmacies. A key part of the company’s communication and customer relationship management (CRM) strategy has always been targeted mailings to select groups. However, their customer database and e-mail system did not communicate with each other, requiring all work to be done manually. The company needed to find a marketing automation platform that would enable them to work channel-independent and integrated.
Read why Apotek Hjärtat, along with it marketing agency, DAD Direct, chose Selligent Marketing Cloud – and how the Selligent platform enabled the company to:
  • Optimize customer experience through omnichannel & data-driven communication
  • Create & automate more relevant mailings
  • Increase redemption rate by 150% through automation & personalized offers
  • Boost average spend & frequency
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