Case Study


French family products retailer nurtures loyalty with cross-channel welcome campaign


Founded in 1963, Vertbaudet is Europe’s leading retailer in the children’s and family products segment. With eight websites, more than 100 million visits, and 20 million products sold per year, Vertbaudet provides an exclusive offering that meets the needs of children ages 0-12, as well as young parents. Popular product categories include childcare, toys, decoration, furniture, children’s fashion, and maternity products.

In France, Vertbaudet operates more than 78 exclusive stores joined by locations throughout Germany, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom. The company serves 3.5 million customers per year in Europe and reports turnover to the tune of €325 million.

The Challenge

It’s a time-honored rule in marketing that it takes two purchases to turn a new client into a loyal client. With this in mind, French-based retailer Vertbaudet set out to create a customer journey specifically for new clients who had recently shopped with the company for the first time. The team wanted to sweeten the deal by offering attractive incentives (store coupons) without annoying customers through overcommunication. As the three strategic campaign milestones, Vertbaudet defined:

Automatically generated vouchers redeemable in real-time in web shop and stationary retail
Coordinated multi-channel engagement across email and SMS
Controlled marketing pressure factoring in exceptions (e.g., customers enrolled in another loyalty program)

The Selligent team was there every step of the way to ensure that everything was working fine. They always knew what kind of solution to install for our campaign.

Cédric Packowski

Responsable Intelligence Clients Vertbaudet

The Path To Success

Working closely with Marigold Engage, Vertbaudet designed a data-driven welcome journey consisting of several touchpoints, specifically aimed at customers within three months of their first purchase. Rolled out across email and SMS channels, standout features of the Welcome Campaign included:

Dynamic Content
Ten versions of email templates in Selligent with four sub-variations allowed the team to easily serve 40 different email versions across the entire journey.
Integration with ERP System
Selligent interfaced with Vertbaudet’s ERP system to populate messages with cash value vouchers ready to be redeemed in retail.
Scoring System
Vertbaudet built aggregate fields in the data model to track the date of the customers’ last interaction and eligibility for Welcome Program perks.
Foot on the Brake
The team used Selligent’s cadence management to prioritize various journeys, so new customers would start their loyalty journey with Vertbaudet on a positive note.
Seamless Content Updates
Vertbaudet created a data table in Selligent to centralize all email header and footer contents. New content can be implemented directly via this table to update all templates in real time.


Creating a data-driven welcome journey, sweetened by real-life cash rewards at the right time, delivered instant results for Vertbaudet.

The Welcome Campaign achieved an average conversion rate at a whopping: “Working with Selligent unlocked a major productivity gain. It also brought more autonomy for the marketing team with the centralized update of the footer and header content,” said Cédric Packowski, Responsable Intelligence Clients, Vertbaudet.

49 %
Conversion rates in store
38 %
Conversion rates online

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