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Italian insurance provider attains 360-degree customer view by integrating data from marketing and help desk

Financial Services – Insurance

As the main brand of digital services provider B2C Innovation, 24hAssistance is a fast-growing insurance platform in Italy. With a close customer focus, the company selects the best insurance plans from leading companies in areas such as boats, motorcycles, scooters, and pets, as well as sports equipment such as skis and snowboards.

24hAssistance is different from traditional insurance companies because it goes to lengths in order to understand consumer needs and interests. 24hAssistance operates digitally and in over 600 stores throughout Italy with its partners.

The Challenge

24hAssistance had experienced massive growth over the past three years, but still wanted to fulfill its core promise of providing exceptional customer service. In order to get there, the rising insurance platform wanted to manage the full customer experience across all key channels, including marketing and contact center. 

As the main goal, the company wanted to attain a full 360-degree view of every individual customer, shared across the entire organization by teams in sales, marketing, and customer care. On a technical level, this meant integrating data streams from all three major platforms used by 24hAssistance teams:

1. Zendesk
The control center for customer care, used by operators fulfilling customer requests.
Call center for inbound and outbound calls.
3. Selligent
Marketing automation and customer data platform to create and execute marketing campaigns.

With Selligent, we can work with all the data related to the individual customer in order to deliver targeted campaigns for all our brands, websites, and mobile apps.

Maria Cristina Cappiello

Digital Marketing Manager ,24hAssistance

The Path To Success

Utilizing Selligent’s flexible data architecture and third-party integration capabilities, 24hAssistance aligned its data streams with Selligent as the central customer data repository. Customer intelligence is now updated in real time between Zendesk, TVOX, and Selligent, which has boosted customer service on two levels: 

Inbound Customer Care 

Selligent automatically identifies existing customers when incoming calls reach the care center. Customer care operators input information from the call into Zendesk – thereby maintaining an established workflow – and all data is stored centrally in Selligent. 

Outbound Customer Care 

For targeted customer outreach, 24hAssistance implements Selligent for campaign creation, execution, and analysis. Targets are defined based on precise profile data in Selligent through a journey map. All relevant information is then shared by Selligent to the TVOX and Zendesk systems. Operators follow an automatic workflow contacting the customer, while the system creates a Zendesk ticket with all pertinent information. 

Aside from phone calls, the outbound campaign incorporates Selligent’s dynamic email and SMS capabilities. Depending on insurance plan and product type – stored in Selligent’s Universal Consumer Profiles – customers receive personalized subject lines, message text and URLs, while dynamic elements such as countdown clocks heighten engagement. 


Once data streams were synchronized on the backend, 24hAssistance first deployed its new laser-targeted messaging in a pilot project: The outbound campaign targeted prospects who had requested an insurance quote, but never completed their purchase.

In the next step, the insurance platform rolled out a recall campaign spanning several channels. Target groups receive customized messages across email, SMS, direct mail, and outbound phone calls, always with relevant content based on real-time profile data shared between Selligent and the other two platforms. 

What started with using Selligent as a marketing automation platform has elevated customer service across the board for 24hAssistance. “With this specific integration between customer service and marketing, we can now complete our digitalization process, as it allows us to pursue tailor-made CRM,” said Maria Cristina Cappiello, Digital Marketing Manager ,24hAssistance. Based on the successful rollout, 24hAssistance already plans to create several multi-channel workflows in the near future. 

Promising results included 1,000 customers reached within four days, plus a spike in conversions.

Customers Reached within 4 Days
Spike in Conversions

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