Welcome Our Newest Nordic Partner, Recoordinate!

Lasse Foltmar
January 27, 2021

At Selligent, we love combining our powerful marketing automation solution with local industry and how-to expertise, to deliver moments that matter for consumers in a truly omnichannel way.

That’s why one of the core fundamentals of our go-to-market strategy is a comprehensive partner program. Partners have been critical to Selligent’s success from day one. We’ve achieved strong results globally from our partner program over the years, and it remains a key area of focus and investment. From agencies and marketing consultants, to systems integrators and services providers, our partners leverage the Marigold Engage platform to create flexible, personalized solutions that enable clients to unlock the full potential of their technology investments to deliver exceptional customer experiences.

I am very excited to announce our new partnership with Stockholm-based agency, Recoordinate. Recoordinate is a consultancy group focusing on customer experience management, business intelligence, and agile transformation. The agency is committed to working with its customers to develop their digital strategy, organization, data and analysis to generate revenue growth and business agility.

To further emphasize my enthusiasm, here are some key benefits our clients will realize by teaming up with Recoordinate:

With this partnership, working with Recoordinate and using the Selligent platform, companies based in the wider Stockholm area will be able to create seamless customer experiences across every touchpoint.

Our goal at Selligent is to build impactful relationships with our partner community, through close collaboration and innovation. We are always looking for partners who have a challenger mentality; who think differently to deliver flexible and innovative solutions to the market. Recoordinate is exactly that type of company. Together, we will nurture joint success for our customers, unlocking new revenue channels, and driving business growth using our Selligent technology.

I invite you to learn more about Recoordinate by visiting their website. If you have any questions about this partnership, or if you would like to know more about our partner program, then please contact me directly at [email protected]; or visit our Selligent Partner Program page.