Welcome Minnesota Vikings!

Eva Maria Schmidt
September 3, 2020

In a time when professional sporting events have been suspended across multiple leagues, fans remain eager for updates about their favorite teams and players. We’re very excited to announce that we’re working with NFL football team, Minnesota Vikings, to keep their loyal fans engaged during an atypical off-season.

Using Smart Content within Marigold Engage’s artificial intelligence engine, Marigold Recommendations, the Vikings will deliver personalized content to fans based on their activities across channels, and tailor experiences to fans outside of their existing contacts.

With the power of data captured by our platform, the Vikings will be able to deliver meaningful content that speaks to every individual fan’s most desired and relevant interests and provide team-player-fan bonds that weren’t possible before.

Speaking to sports industry publication, The Stadium Business, Steve LaCroix, the Vikings’ executive vice president and CMO, outlined the steps that the team has taken over recent months to ensure they could retain their relationship with fans in the digital era.

“While it is impossible to replace ten live games for 660,000 fans for the season, we were able to unlock insights on what each Vikings fan values. The Vikings are committed to leverage Selligent and its sophisticated tech stack to deliver unique personalized content to all Viking fans based on their respective profile.

“Selligent fits our values because of their sophisticated data platform and their first-class personalized integration across all channels. We value highly personalized content that activates and engages them across all platforms. Furthermore, we can tailor experiences to fans outside of our database. Selligent allows us to market to fans based on their activity and leverage insights to personalize acquisition campaigns and create an omni-channel experience.”

We look forward to continuing to power the Vikings’ future digital programs, including adding the ability to tailor outreach based on ticket purchases, and ensure a seamless journey for fans before and after sporting events, once we are ready to return to watching live games in-person.

We’re excited to be part of the Minnesota Vikings team!

Click here to read the press release about our work with the Vikings.