Time to Get Serious About Omnichannel Marketing

Eva Maria Schmidt
September 11, 2019

It’s 10 PM, do you know which channel your customers are on? Brands with the right digital marketing tools in place won’t have trouble answering that question because they’re already capturing rich consumer data across channels n real-time. The most successful brands? They’re going above and beyond to utilize smart marketing automation, serving only the most relevant content to customers’ preferred devices.

Yet those brands are exceptions to the rule. Only 29 percent of today’s consumers report receiving consistent marketing experiences across channels, and 65 percent of customers are frustrated with inconsistent information depending on the device or channel they’re on. It’s time to get serious about omnichannel marketing.

We at Selligent Marketing Cloud joined forces with the marketing experts at DMN to bring you an exclusive eBook full of insights, strategies, and expert opinions on the subject: Getting Serious About Omnichannel Marketing.

Omnichannel doesn’t literally mean that every campaign appears in every channel that’s available. That would be crazy. The first step to omnichannel success is being able to push messages to the channels where your customers are, with the right message at the right time. Kim Davis, Editor-In-Chief at DMN in the introduction.

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Featuring in-depth articles by DMN editors and insights from relationship marketing professionals, Getting Serious About Omnichannel Marketing highlights the challenges and opportunities in today’s omnichannel landscape, including:

For the complete picture, download the white paper to see why it’s time to get serious about omnichannel marketing, right here, right now.