The Right Offer Creates Satisfied Customers

Eva Maria Schmidt
November 2, 2020

Thanks to Peter Rogosic of DAD Direct for guest authoring this blog post.

As one of Scandinavia’s largest companies in direct marketing and CRM, DAD Direct is committed to helping some of Sweden’s and Scandinavia’s largest brands to simplify their marketing communications and deliver exceptional customer experiences. To meet our clients’ needs, we partner with a select group of leading technology and marketing automation platform companies, including Selligent. Selligent’s marketing platform is award-winning for its user-friendliness and is a complete solution for those looking for a simple but powerful solution for their marketing communications.

So when our client, Apotek Hjärtat, Sweden’s largest private pharmacy chain, needed to find a marketing automation tool that would enable them to implement, coordinate, automate, and evaluate all their communication activities based on a common platform, we knew that Selligent would prove to be an ideal solution. And indeed it has! In a very short time, the Selligent marketing automation platform proved a great success for Apotek Hjärtat, resulting in more relevant mailings, more satisfied customers, and increased sales.

We recently developed a case study based on our work with Apotek Hjärtat and Selligent, and I encourage you to download this success story for the full details. Here, I would like to share a few of the key highlights of our work with Apotek Hjärtat, to demonstrate how a marketing platform like Selligent’s can truly help brands perform against industry benchmarks.

The Challenge: Disjointed Data

Apotek Hjärtat has been working with target group-controlled communications and customer relationship management (CRM) since its inception in 2010. The pharmacy’s customer database is the foundation for its targeted mailings to select groups and a key part of its communication strategy. But there was a big problem: the database and its e-mail system did not communicate with each other. As a result, all work had to be done manually, with targeted mailings needing to be carefully coordinated by someone. To resolve this problem of disjointed database and email platforms, Apotek Hjärtat needed to be able to integrate them and work channel-independent.

Meeting the Demand of Swedish Consumers

In addition to resolving this lack of integration, it was important for Apotek Hjärtat to raise their digital marketing technology and capabilities to meet evolving consumer demand. Ecommerce in Sweden, as in many countries, is soaring, with 2020 revenue showing growth of 20.8% year-over-year and the number of users expected to reach 9.1 million by 2024. This growth is reflected in the personal care sector, as more users are purchasing online – and spending more online, as well. Consequently, there is a growing demand for brands to serve customers online. To accomplish this, brands need a technology solution that can deliver personalized contextual offers, to meet the demands of the new online consumer in Sweden.

The Selligent Solution

At DAD, we have been working with Apotek for their direct mailings for a number of years, so it was a natural transition for us to work with them and help them transform digitally, with a solution like Selligent.

The versatility and capacity of the Selligent platform were the most important factors in their choice, but price was also a very important parameter. Many companies invest in systems that are far too large for their needs, with features that will never be used. Selligent hit a marketing automation “sweet spot” for Apotek in terms of versatility and pricing that was well suited to the size of the company. And of course, another factor that influenced the decision was our ability at DAD Direct to deliver and provide support on the Selligent platform.

When you read the full case study, you will see how successful the Selligent marketing automation platform has been for Apotek, with metrics including an increase in average spend and frequency for customers who triggered on the data-driven, personalized offers delivered via the Selligent platform; and these are two KPIs that are difficult to increase in the Swedish pharmacy business. They also saw increases in open and conversion rates. Apotek Hjärtat has clearly become more relevant to its customers, with very low opt-outs and greater satisfaction. Indeed, according to Roland Wärting, responsible for campaign and CRM technology at Apotek Hjärtat, their goal was “…to achieve optimized customer experience through omnichannel and data-driven communication. Selligent’s platform is one of the cornerstones for our ambitions that gives us the possibility to work with automated flows and to develop the 360-degree customer view over time.”