The Power of Digital: Continuing Engagement in a Time of Crisis

Eva Maria Schmidt
April 8, 2020

With many of us adjusting to a new fully WFH world, and the unprecedented challenge of very limited outdoor activity, maintaining human interactions and engagement has become an ongoing challenge.

No one understands this challenge better than digital marketers, as consistent engagement has always been an ever-present mission. Today’s COVID-19 crisis has brought heightened awareness of the importance of digital communications and ongoing engagement, not just for marketing, but our overall day-to-day lives. Thanks to different technology tools, including platforms like Zoom, Slack, and Microsoft Teams, and marketing technology platforms like ours, communicating and collaborating in these tough times can be more manageable.

In this latest video from our series of #TogetherAtHome conversations with marketing professionals, our CEO, Karthik Kripapuri, shares some emerging industry trends that are important to keep in mind to shape your marketing communications strategies:

Overwhelming increase in email engagement.

With many countries being asked to stay at home as much as possible, we’re seeing increases in in-home media consumption and overall engagement in email. Continuing with relevant content is key to sustaining interest, and understanding the right cadence so you don’t tire out your customers.

Change in content consumption channel.

While mobile continues to be an important channel, desktop usage has seen a lift over mobile in the last few weeks. Again, this trend aligns with stay-at-home policies around the world. For brands, this means maintaining flexibility to take device form factors into account in UI/UX design.

Overall big shift to digital communications.

Digital communication has come to the forefront, not just for brand-to-consumer interactions, but also for our daily work, interacting with clients, colleagues, even family and friends. This will forever change the way we live and work; the faster we become digitally native and comfortable with different platforms and communicating with intent, the more successful we can be.

We are dealing with unprecedented events; there is no playbook on how to deal with marketing or communications in this crisis. It is important to be flexible, keep attuned to your audience’s needs, and double down on what works. Most importantly, plan for the future: keep your customers inspired for when all of this is behind us.

Click here to watch the video, The Power of Digital: Continuing Engagement in a Time of Crisis.