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Marigold Engage Partnering with LINK Mobility for RCS

One of the main challenges for marketers today is to optimize technologies to improve customer experiences. As the Selligent study on the connected consumer shows, 71% of respondents now place a high value on personalization. We would like to take a look at the recent announcement of the integration of LINK Mobility’s RCS into the Marigold Engage platform: a joint interview with Pascal Angeli, Selligent’s Partner Manager for France, and Wai-Kuan Wong, LINK Mobility France’s Partnership Manager. 

Wai-Kuan, we refer to RCS as SMS 2.0. Can you tell us more about it? 

Wai-Kuan : Introduced as the successor of SMS or SMS 2.0, Rich Communication Services (RCS) designates messages available in the SMS messaging application with enriched functionalities, complementary to traditional channels (SMS, emailing, voice message). It includes images, carousels, videos, and action buttons to enrich the customer experience and engage brands in conversation with consumers or customers. As a leading CPaaS player in the French market, RCS, often called SMS 2.0, is at the heart of our omnichannel strategy.  

Example of an RCS campaign:  

Screenshot of a cell phone showing an example of an RCS campaign

Pascal, why is this integration important for Selligent?

Pascal : Through this partnership and by integrating this technology into our platform via a dedicated plug-in, Selligent becomes one of the first marketing automation platforms in Europe to provide its customers with the RCS channel, a new generation of multimedia SMS. 

RCS is another addition to the omnichannel aspect of Selligent’s solution to continuously address consumers on their preferred and most efficient channel. As we are always listening to our customers, we are delighted to be able to offer RCS technology on our platform. This integration is part of Selligent’s innovative approach to enable our platform users to satisfy consumers’ expectations of interactivity and immediacy. 

How can brands using the Selligent platform benefit from this integration?

Pascal : Combined with Selligent’s advanced personalization capabilities, and integrated into an omnichannel strategy, RCS provides a powerful communications channel for marketing and transactional messaging. It can be used to dematerialize a product catalog, present a new product, make an appointment, or confirm orders and deliveries. Through this synergy with LINK Mobility, Selligent is taking the customer experience to a new level, opening up new communication opportunities for brands and marketers.  

Wai-Kuan : We can also mention that compared to other communication channels, the ROI (opening, engagement, click) can go up to +400% on the same communication campaign, which represents a technological advance that really contributes to the enrichment of the customer experience. 

To learn more about RCS, contact us at Marigold Engage or LINK Mobility. We will be delighted to help you implement this new channel in your omnichannel strategy. 

See you soon! 

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LINK is a global provider of mobile messaging and Communications Platform as a Service (CPaaS) solutions for increased engagement. The company serves enterprise, SME, and government customers. LINK offers a wide range of innovative and scalable mobile solutions, creating valuable digital convergence between businesses and customers, governments and citizens, platforms, and users. LINK has 47,000 customer accounts globally and exchanges more than 10 billion messages a year. LINK is listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange under the ticker LINK. For more information about LINK, please see Follow LINK Mobility on LinkedIn.

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