Selligent Launches Experiences: The best way for marketers to capture actionable data for themselves

Ben Burns
April 20, 2023

One of the biggest frustrations we hear from marketers right now is that they can’t execute on the complex strategies required to make an impact. With the ever-growing competition for customer attention, marketers are looking to make their messaging more personalized, better targeted and more efficient.

At that heart of that strategy is data.

But right now marketers are finding that due to poor list quality, lack of insights or data gaps created by changes in privacy and cookie policies, they find themselves frustrated by the lack of actionable data.

We see that right now, 43% of marketers don’t feel they have the tools to transfer data into real-time action and that only 35% of marketers believe they can successfully deliver omnichannel personalization.

Source: CMO Council, Loyalty360, MartechAlliance

And yet, despite a lot of what we hear about privacy changes, and the overall “creep” factor that is often associated with Big Data Collection, we still see that 87% of consumers continue to be open to sharing information, provided they get something of value in return.

The opportunity is there, we just need to go about it the right way.

Respectfully curious

At the heart of a better standard of customer information collection is zero-party data. With zero-party data collection strategies, marketers are looking for ways to learn more about their customers through a mutually beneficial value exchange. Through quizzes, product pickers and competitions, customers have the opportunity to share their preferences and interests with brands they trust, in return for fun and engaging experiences, discounts, targeted offers, access to exclusive events, or simply the chance to win a prize.

Not only does this strategy provide a clear and consensual gathering of data, it gives an opportunity for brands to build trust with their customers.

In short, Marigold Grow gives you an easy way to acquire new customers, through an engaging value exchange.

Be the most knowledgeable marketer in the room

What is data without a use?

That’s a rhetorical question, but it’s also one that needs to be asked. For multiple reasons. For one, collecting data without having a use in mind is a waste of time, resources, storage and strategy. It’s also a practice that is fatally misaligned with customer expectations and international data privacy laws. Long story short, if you’re going to collect data, you better be using it for something.

So what can you do with zero-party data and Marigold Grow?

There are three main things that you can do that take advantage of the nature, quality, source and reliability of zero-party data, alongside the power of Marigold Engage.

1 – You can segment campaigns with vastly increased confidence. When we create segmented campaigns based on browsing or engagement behavior, we make a well intentioned best guess of what a customer might be interested in. When we create segmented campaigns based on product and content preferences based on zero-party data, we do this in the confidence that the recipient should recognise the reasons why they are receiving marketing messages about a given subject.

2 – You can personalize your messages with greater detail and specificity. We see time and time again that personalization can make the difference between a message being ignored and it leading to a sale. With zero-party data, customers are giving you a wealth of information with the expectation that they will receive exclusive offers and content that are tailored to them. With zero-party data, you won’t have to disappoint them.

3 – You can identify trends and patterns within your own customer base, directly. The trustworthy data you are collecting, inline with privacy best practice and guidance, gives you unparalleled insight into the behavior of your audience. Once you begin building zero-party data across your contacts, you may find that you no longer need to use focus groups or surveys to keep your finger on the pulse. You already know what your customers care about, and what products or content are becoming increasingly popular.

Efficiency and enabling

Change is the only constant. For a lot of marketing teams right now, that change is creating a situation where they are being asked to provide increasingly improving results, but may also be finding themselves with less budget and resources than before.

In short, a lot of us are being asked to do more with less.

Fortunately, Marigold Grow allows marketers to use zero-party data to enhance the performance of their campaigns. With better segmentation and enhanced personalization, every marketing message that you send is likely to have higher engagement and conversions. By targeting the right customers with the right message at the right time with the content they care about, you stand the greatest chance of grabbing their attention and matching them to the product that fits their needs. And with Marigold Engage you can automate these campaigns to ensure this strategy is scalable and future-proofed. More, with less.

But a bold and complex strategy is counterproductive if capturing and managing customer data takes more time that it would to simply send another mass email to the entire list. Right?

That’s why Marigold Grow comes with a broad catalog of modular templates, right out of the box. Marketers can get up and running rapidly with a range of resources, designed to give you a starting point for the visual layout, data structure and purpose of the kind of Experience you want to build. Not only that but you can filter this library by the goal you want to achieve, so even if you don’t know exactly what you want, Marigold Grow is here to help.

And given that a lot of your colleagues may be feeling the same need to do more with less, Marigold Grow also frees up your technical teams. As a marketer friendly tool, you will be using an intuitive drag and drop tool to create and deploy your next competition, quiz, product picker or contest, without waiting in a queue for your IT teams to help you.

In short, you’ll increase efficiency and performance across your teams, learn more about your customers and build a trustworthy data set, built on a foundation of best practice collection.

It’s the Gold standard of data-driven marketing.

What can you do with Marigold Grow?

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