Online Training & Selligent Certification for Digital Marketers

Ramses Bossuyt
February 22, 2021

Introducing Cassius Case Martech Academy

We’re proud to welcome a new partner to our Selligent family! Cassius Case Martech Academy is a new, Belgian-based online program with a goal of training digital marketers on marketing strategy and operational tools, beginning with specific training and certification on the Marigold Engage platform.

The role of online marketing is changing dramatically and has evolved to a more critical level of importance as a result of the global pandemic, with companies and brands relying on digital marketing more than ever. As a result, new skills are required for online marketers.

The online program from Cassius Case Martech Academy is offered over the course of four weeks, at two hours of training per day. Marketers will learn from an esteemed group of marketing automation professionals, with an end result of getting certified on the Selligent platform.

“The biggest challenge for the marketing industry today is the scarcity of qualified skills,” said Kevin Kielbaey, cofounder of Cassius Case Martech Academy. “We developed this program to help marketers overcome that challenge, by offering a program that will help your team bridge the gap between marketing strategy and technology skills. We’re proud to join forces with Selligent, one of the leading marketing automation platforms, to offer this unique balance of strategic and operational training. This course was developed by marketers, for marketers – and it’s a great way to elevate your in-house team, rather than hiring outside for these skills, to get a better return on your digital platforms.”

The Cassius Case Martech Academy program offers learnings and trainings in areas of marketing automation such as:

To register for the academy, or for more information, visit: