Latest Marketing Trend Report: The New Emotional Dimension of ‘Home’

Eva Maria Schmidt
August 25, 2020

Welcome to the new normal. After months of ‘shelter in place’ orders, consumers now rely on their home to take refuge from the outside world, literally as their shelter.

This new emotional attachment to the home space presents a fundamental shift in the way consumers work, shop, socialize, and interact with brands and companies. And it disrupts existing digital marketing models, as marketers need to find new ways to engage sheltered consumers.

Some recent statistics also support this disruptive trend:

● More than 32 percent of consumers plan to ‘leave home less often’

● A total of 52 percent of consumers will ‘avoid crowds’ moving forward

● Worldwide, 57 percent of adults changed lifestyles to be as ‘contactless as possible’

In order to make sense of these profound changes, which have become ingrained as habits at this point, we just published our latest Selligent white paper, Digital Marketing and the New Concept of ‘Home’: Reaching Consumers in their Safe Space in the ‘New Normal’. In the exclusive 18-page report, you’ll explore the paradigm shift that will affect consumer behavior for years to come, together with proven strategies to deliver customer-first marketing in this new environment.

Is your marketing tech stack ready to reach consumers at home?

Consumers right now are spending more time at home, but also remain digitally connected. Worldwide, use of smartphones has grown by a staggering 70 percent due to the pandemic. Meanwhile, visits to virtual meeting platforms are up 33 percent, and social media traffic increased 21 percent globally since March 2020. Plus, online shopping, grocery deliveries, and in-home entertainment are the talk of the town.

So how can digital marketers join the conversation and keep their audiences engaged?

Answer: By focusing their tech stacks to collect real-time customer data across all important touchpoints, and the algorithms and tools to extract actionable intelligence. Also by using marketing-specific AI to create dynamic customer journeys with omnichannel perspective. And by delivering relevant, personalized messages based on individual consumer needs.

Are you ready for this shift?

The current consumer trend into the home space puts a premium on omnichannel marketing platforms like Marigold Engage that combine real-time data capture with AI-based personalization and cross-channel execution on preferred devices. All in a complete package built on the highest data security guidelines to ensure consumer trust and transparency.

For the key digital marketing insights on how to get in the door and reach consumers at home, download our free white paper, Digital Marketing and the New Concept of ‘Home.’ It’s a new normal that we operate in, but also a new era of opportunity for companies who don’t shut the door, but stay connected to their consumers.