Join Us At Signals22: The Award-Winning Virtual Content Series For Marketers

Modern brands are awash with data, but it’s fragmented from all manner of sources. Consumers interact with brands on multiple digital channels, purchase online, in a store or with a third party, as well as engage with loyalty initiatives. But the data from all these touchpoints resides in disparate systems like analytics, email, mobile, campaign management, point-of-sale, and social — which are not integrated, nor were designed to be.

Marketers have no way of seeing the customer in a unified, single view, which is necessary to fully understand each customer and provide them with a personalized experience. The opportunity to wow the customer is lost forever. Navigating this landscape is difficult, but marketers are still being challenged to increase results while the martech and advertising infrastructure they rely isn’t fit for purpose.

That is why we are thrilled to collaborate with our sister brands on the award-winning virtual content series: Signals22 — to tackle these challenges head on.

Starting October 24, we will deliver four continuous days of unmissable content, bringing together the brightest thought leaders, world-renowned brands, industry heads and engaging panels. You will hear directly from global enterprise brand marketers from all marketing functions as they share their experience and successes delivering relationship marketing strategies that actually work, from acquisition to retention. Below are some sessions for you to add to your calendar.



A Kickoff with our Executive Leaders

The executive leaders of our parent company (Marigold) will initiate proceedings and share a teaser of all the exciting content you have to look forward to. CEO Wellford Dillard will be joined by Chief Product Officer Desta Price and Chief Marketing Officer Wendy Werve, where they will highlight some key sessions and brands that are using data to deliver highly relevant experiences to their customers at every moment of interaction, across all channels and devices.


The ROI on Relationship Marketing: An Analyst POV

Relationship marketing is about putting the customer, not your product at the center of everything. Investing in this strategy outperforms the traditional tactics based on third-party cookie tracking  or email blast campaigns that consumers have become apathetic towards.

Constellation Research advises enterprise brands how to transform their businesses with technology and succeed in the digital economy. In this must-see session, Principal Analyst & Founder Ray Wang will deliver the data that proves the ROI of a strategy rooted in relationship marketing. 


The Power of Progressive Profiling and Scaling Customer Data Across Brands

“Always Be Collecting Data.” It’s the ABCD of marketing, but for enterprise brands with millions, or billions of customers the challenge is  gathering huge amounts of consumer data at scale and using it to build one-to-one relationships. And brands don’t come much bigger than PepsiCo, who are progressively profiling its customers to expand its knowledge on each individual, and tailor experiences to their specific interests, preferences, motivations and desires.

In this incredible session, Chris Muscutt, Marketing Technology Lead at PepsiCo shares his views on why progressive profiling consumers to enhance their experience is key in today’s data economy.


Building Customer Loyalty Through Segmentation and Personalization at MS Schippers

MS Schippers is one of the largest suppliers for intensive livestock farming globally. With 14 offices, activities in over 40 countries and more than 450 employees, the group encompasses multiple brands working towards the shared goal of a world without antibiotics in farming.

Join us for an informative session on how MS Schippers uses data and segmentation tools to create new audience segments and launch its highly successful loyalty program. The results have eradicated silos, and seen a tangible increase in average order value and brand loyalty. 


This is merely four of over 20 sessions we have planned. We will also be bringing you the best and brightest minds in marketing, from leading brands such as The Atlantic, Brilliant Earth, Magnolia Bakery, University of California-Santa Barbara and many more. So after registering for your chosen session above, make sure to add some more to your personal agenda. 

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